Take advantage of the best available know-how in the world.

Danish know how

Danish pig producers are world leaders in pig production. Their success is based on a combination of robust farm design, high quality technology, the best genetics and use of the latest management principles and know how.

Danish Farm Concept is providing the complete Danish pig farm model for pig producers including an environmentally friendly farm design, high quality genetics, technology package, education and training of staff as well as farm management.

Productivity in Danish pig farms is high, and the average is 33.5 pigs per sow per year. However, the top 5% reaches more than 40 PSY and they are extremely cost effective and profitable. Take advantage of getting the best available know how in the world incorporated in your new pig production by choosing Danish Farm Concept.

Business model

Key factors for success in pig production

Danish know-how is the foundation for Danish Farm Concept’s pig projects.
Our business model integrates the five key factors necessary for success in pig production:

1) Technology and Housing
2) Biosecurity and Health
3) Genetics
4) Nutrition
5) Management and Education

All key factors must be of high quality to secure a profitable project.

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A safe investment

Danish Farm Concept provides a comprehensive and safe business model which secures a high return of investment. Risk factors are mitigated throughout the project development by close collaboration with our clients in each stage of the project. Therefore, we are also prepared to provide a production guarantee for clients following our recommendations.

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