December 12, 2015

Danish Farm Concept exports knowhow for the world’s pig production needs

The demand for meat is growing all over the world, that calls for a production increase - the question is how can local farmers achieve the necessary standards for safe and efficient pig production so they can meet this demand? For a growing number of them, the answer lies in knowhow from Denmark.

The steering group behind Danish Farm Concept (from left to right): Claus Brandt, general manager, Vissing Agro; Niels Otto Damholt, sales director, HAMLET PROTEIN; Thomas O. Hansen, global key account director, SKOV; Eric C. O. Wanscher, vice president, Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business; Bjarne K. Pedersen, general manager, Danish Farm Design; Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, chief executive officer, DanBred International; Søren Bank, chief commercial officer, HAMLET PROTEIN; Knud Elmose, Export Director, Vilomix.