+40 PSY, DFC Seminar in Korea

2018-10-05 09:03
+40 PSY was the headline for a seminar held by Danish Farm Concept in Seoul in South Korea, Thursday the 20th September 2018
The seminar content was about Danish Farm Concept, describing the most important issues how to ensure success in modern pig production with high productivity and low production costs.
Vissing Agro and Danish Farm Design gave detailed information’s about state-of-the-art farm design and technical solutions about pen/crate design, function of the production facilities and insight in how DFC include optimal biosecurity standards into the design and the site layout.
SKOV informed about optimal climate solutions in the challenging Korean climate with hot summers and cold winters.
The ProGrow system was also presented as a new innovative management tool how to react on time on animals’ performance for weaners and finishers.
DanBred informed about the DanBred genetic and the unique Danish breeding system, providing continuously growth of the genetic potential and animals performance
Vilomix covered the topics on how to feed the high performing DanBred sow and focus areas on raw materials and compound feed to ensure optimal feeding and ensure top performance.
Hamlet Protein shared their expertise about, how to feed small pigs after weaning without using Zink Oxide and still control stomach health and avoid outbreak of diarrhea.