Fight African Swinefever with Biosecurity!

2018-10-04 08:21
Danish Farm Concept integrates the newest know-how, while designing pig projects. Thus, hashtag biosecurity and protecting the farm against infections has top priority. The spreading of African Swine Fever in Europe and China has put everyone in the pig industry on high alert. Since no vaccine is available for combatting this disease, biosecurity is the only weapon available.
At the farm level, a lot can be done to reduce the risk of hashtag ASF and other diseases from entering the herd. Access points for vehicles and persons must be fully controlled. Therefore, we prepare our designs and layouts of farms with this in mind. Trucks bringing feed and especially vehicles transporting pigs to and from the farm are great risk factors. We also include truck washes and baking units at critical locations.
Since it is more or less impossible to secure that all infectious agents are killed by washing and disinfecting alone we include a “baking” unit for heating up transport vehicles at a high temperature and long enough to make sure that all infectious agents are eliminated.