Danish Farm Concept participates at the “Sino-Danish sustainable agriculture forum” organized by IFU and The Royal Danish Embassy in China

2018-02-20 14:23
The event 'A Window of Sustainable Opportunities in China' took place at the West China agriculture fair (CCIAPF) in Chongqing on Jan 20th and 21st 2018.

The Chinese agricultural industry is continuously developing, and Chinese authorities demand that it becomes more sustainable. Almost all provinces in Western China have dedicated their financial plan to support development in sustainable agriculture which give access to huge agriculture markets in this area.

The event 'A Window of Sustainable Opportunities in China' was aiming to make synergy from policy, finance and technology and to promote Sino-Danish partnership in sustainable agriculture in Western China.

During the day there were presentation and round-table discussion covering the support from political side, financial opportunities and the value of innovative technology for sustainable agriculture. The day ended with “match-making” between companies and potential business partners.

From Danish Farm Concept Bjarne K. Pedersen made a presentation explaining how our solution with Danish technology, Scandinavian genetics, management routines etc. meets the challenges in Chinese pig production. Bjarne also illustrated how a project established together with Danish Farm Concept results in the shortest payback time in the industry because of high productivity and extremely low production costs.

The event was a great platform to meet existing business partners and just as important to create new networks and thereby give Danish Farm Concept a chance to open for new opportunities in Western China.