October 05, 2018

+40 PSY, DFC Seminar in Korea
+40 PSY was the headline for a seminar held by Danish Farm Concept in Seoul in South Korea, Thursday the 20th September 2018

The seminar content was about Danish Farm Concept, describing the most important issues how to ensure success in modern pig production with high productivity and low production costs.

Vissing Agro and Danish Farm Design gave detailed information’s about state-of-the-art farm design and technical solutions about pen/crate design, function of the production facilities and insight in how DFC include optimal biosecurity standards into the design and the site layout.

SKOV informed about optimal climate solutions in the challenging Korean climate with hot summers and cold winters.

The ProGrow system was also presented as a new innovative management tool how to react on time on animals’ performance for weaners and finishers.
DanBred informed about the DanBred genetic and the unique Danish breeding system, providing continuously growth of the genetic potential and animals performance

Vilomix covered the topics on how to feed the high performing DanBred sow and focus areas on raw materials and compound feed to ensure optimal feeding and ensure top performance.

Hamlet Protein shared their expertise about, how to feed small pigs after weaning without using Zink Oxide and still control stomach health and avoid outbreak of diarrhea.
October 04, 2018
Fight African Swinefever with Biosecurity
Danish Farm Concept integrates the newest know-how, while designing pig projects. Thus, hashtag biosecurity and protecting the farm against infections has top priority. The spreading of African Swine Fever in Europe and China has put everyone in the pig industry on high alert. Since no vaccine is available for combatting this disease, biosecurity is the only weapon available.

At the farm level, a lot can be done to reduce the risk of hashtag ASF and other diseases from entering the herd. Access points for vehicles and persons must be fully controlled. Therefore, we prepare our designs and layouts of farms with this in mind. Trucks bringing feed and especially vehicles transporting pigs to and from the farm are great risk factors. We also include truck washes and baking units at critical locations.

Since it is more or less impossible to secure that all infectious agents are killed by washing and disinfecting alone we include a “baking” unit for heating up transport vehicles at a high temperature and long enough to make sure that all infectious agents are eliminated.
August 14, 2018

Deadline exceeded....

We are looking for a Production Manager in China
Due to increased activity in China, Danish Farm Concept is searching for Danish pig farm managers to start up new projects together with the local management team in China and our support team from Denmark. The projects are designed by Danish Farm Design, delivered by Danish Farm Concept and is based on the most modern production technology and biosecurity standards. The projects include Danbred genetics targeting high performance results above 30 PSY.

The Job
You will be employed by Danish Farm Design and dispatched to the project in China – the employment is expected to last for several years.

Your Tasks Are To
Hire the local staff and establish a strong organization and winner culture
Implement best farm management procedures by practical training and coaching
Ensure a safe and high performing herd
Collaborate closely with the local top management team
Weekly status report to the local and DFC´s management team

Have several years of experience as a leader in modern pig production
Speak and write English fluently
Are a team-builder and leader
Are patient and diplomatic
Are clear and precise in your communication
Can adapt to a foreign culture

We Can Offer
An attractive job with back up and support from our Chinese and Danish team.
A well-established management solution with support from experienced experts
Regular support visits by vets, nutritionists and key account manager
Online support from our back-office team
A modern apartment, car with driver and all needed communication tools.
An attractive salary package

Please contact Mr Kim Østergaard for more information about the position.

April 18, 2018
One of Danish Farm Concepts bigger projects in China is running with 6,000 sows full-line 
The pictures below show the units for weaners and sows, and two sites of 30,000 finishers units that are under the last project-phase of equipment installation. The project is now having the first farrowing, since project launch.

Danish Farm Concept supports the entire farm with farm management from Danish Farm Design, who guides the employees and takes care of the daily management.

This weaner and sow unit will end up having around 50 farm workers, who will support the daily routines. For even further support and production security, Danish Farm Concept has established a 3-year production guarantee for the entire project.
February 02, 2018
Danish Farm Concept participates at the “Sino-Danish sustainable agriculture forum” organized by IFU and The Royal Danish Embassy in China
The event 'A Window of Sustainable Opportunities in China' took place at the West China agriculture fair (CCIAPF) in Chongqing on Jan 20th and 21st 2018.

The Chinese agricultural industry is continuously developing, and Chinese authorities demand that it becomes more sustainable. Almost all provinces in Western China have dedicated their financial plan to support development in sustainable agriculture which give access to huge agriculture markets in this area.

The event 'A Window of Sustainable Opportunities in China' was aiming to make synergy from policy, finance and technology and to promote Sino-Danish partnership in sustainable agriculture in Western China.

During the day there were presentation and round-table discussion covering the support from political side, financial opportunities and the value of innovative technology for sustainable agriculture. The day ended with “match-making” between companies and potential business partners.

From Danish Farm Concept Bjarne K. Pedersen made a presentation explaining how our solution with Danish technology, Scandinavian genetics, management routines etc. meets the challenges in Chinese pig production. Bjarne also illustrated how a project established together with Danish Farm Concept results in the shortest payback time in the industry because of high productivity and extremely low production costs.

The event was a great platform to meet existing business partners and just as important to create new networks and thereby give Danish Farm Concept a chance to open for new opportunities in Western China.